About CPRI

CPRI Mission

CPRI focuses on legal, policy and technological issues in combatting cyber threats while protecting and enhancing individual privacy and civil liberties. The Institute will identify and facilitate state-of-the art research, including in areas such as:

  • A holistic, data-driven approach to attribution of cyber attacks to assist governments, companies, and individual victims in combatting such attacks;
  • Critical infrastructure protection for, e.g., aviation, big data and technology, energy, industrial controls, medical devices and healthcare, motor vehicles, and telecom;
  • Developing and testing standards and best practices to protect against cyber attacks on our democratic election process, while enhancing the protection of individual liberties; and
  • Improving privacy-protective private sector and government cyber-threat information sharing.

CPRI will design and implement innovative training and community outreach programs, including cybersecurity training for law enforcement officers, prosecutors, judges and policymakers. The Institute also will conduct policy analysis and development on these important topics, including holding conferences and public meetings on emerging issues. Ultimately, CPRI  plans to help UCI develop degree programs in critical fields related to cybersecurity.

Our growing community of committed stakeholders includes:
All relevant UCI components;
Government/Law Enforcement:
Multiple federal, state and local law enforcement and other government agencies;
The Privacy & Civil Liberties Community:
Prominent privacy and civil liberties advocacy groups, along with leading academics and activists;
The Legal Community:
Many Southern California and national law firms; and
The Business Community:
Economic development organizations and numerous well-known companies in key critical infrastructure sectors, including: aerospace; big data and technology; energy; entertainment; finance; healthcare; and telecommunications.