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Exploring a Potential Federal Insurance Response to Catastrophic Cyber Risk: Implementing Strategic Objective 3.6 of the U.S. National Cyber Strategy

Join UC Irvine’s Cybersecurity Policy & Research Institute and UCI Law, as well as senior officials from the White House Office of the National Cyber Director, Department of the Treasury, and the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency for a deep dive into the possibilities of leveraging a potential United States Government financial backstop for the cyber-insurance ecosystem to improve cyber hygiene and our national and economic security.

University of California, Irvine
October 19, 2023 • 9 am to 4 pm
Cocktail reception to follow


No Fee to Attend


Keynote Address by The Honorable Jeh Johnson

Former US Secretary of Homeland Security & Department of Defense General Counsel
NOTE: Secretary Johnson Keynote Begins at 9:30 am Sharp)

The Honorable Jeh Johnson


Mobilizing A Collective Cyber Defense

Mobilizing A Collective Cyber Defense

Aug 28 Cover Flyer
As the constant news of yet another enterprise data breach becomes the norm, the private sector and government agencies must increase collaboration to increase resiliency and defenses to these attacks. While large corporations increase their budgets for cybersecurity, there must also be a concerted effort to ensure small and medium-sized businesses, sometimes the weakest link in our collective cybersecurity defenses, have the adequate tools and resources they need. Join a discussion between government and private sector subject matter experts and attendees on how we can best leverage public-private partnerships to mobilize a collective cyber defense.
What a Mess: Complying with the New California Privacy & IoT Laws and the GDPR

What a Mess: Complying with the New California Privacy & IoT Laws and the GDPR

June 18, 2019
@ The Cove at UCI Applied Innovation

As numerous new privacy and security laws come into force, it’s not just large companies that need to comply. Small and mid-sized enterprises also will face penalties for failure to comply with these sometimes vague and even contradictory new laws. All businesses ignore these changes at their peril and time is running short to come into compliance. 


IoT Security & Privacy Conference 2019

IoT Security & Privacy Conference 2019

This Free Event, sponsored by UCI’s Cybersecurity Policy and Research Institute ( and UCI’s Institute for Software Research ( features a special keynote by Professor Kevin Fu from the University of Michigan, followed by faculty presentations, a panel discussion and a research showcase.

UCI CPRI & Atlantic Council:<br>Invitation to Participate

UCI CPRI & Atlantic Council:
Invitation to Participate

Crisis Dynamics and Cyber Statecraft: Simulating Cross-National Perspectives

September 25, 2018
Donald Bren Hall, UCI Campus
Space is limited for this event.*

The UC Irvine Cybersecurity Policy & Research Institute (CPRI) is proud to announce – in partnership with the Atlantic Council and the Marine Corps University Foundation – a 1/2-day crisis simulation exercise critical to increase understanding, by governments, police forces, and businesses, of how states use offensive cyber capabilities, alongside more traditional instruments of statecraft, to manage crises and further their national interests. For businesses, this exercise will enhance understanding of how nation-state cyberwarfare may affect them. All attendees will be able to participate – through scenario focus groups – in the decision-making process and outcome.


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