Scott Zogg
Chief Security Officer and Fellow
Rockwell Collins

Since 2015, Scott Zogg has been the Chief Security Officer and an engineering fellow at Rockwell Collins. In this role, Mr. Zogg is responsible for all matters related to protecting the security of Rockwell Collins’ people, facilities and information. He also chairs the Rockwell Collins Cybersecurity Council (RC3). The RC3 is a governance council which spans the entire company and works to ensure robust cybersecurity within Rockwell Collins’ infrastructure, products and services.

Prior to assuming his current role, Mr. Zogg served as a Senior Director in the Rockwell Collins Advanced Technology Center. There he directed the Advanced Radio Systems Department, responsible for research and development of technologies to differentiate Rockwell Collins’ RF products. Later, he directed the Embedded Information Systems department responsible for research and advanced technology development in the areas of digital vision systems, cybersecurity, cross domain solutions, live virtual constructive simulation and training, and next generation flight decks.

As a communication systems engineer, Mr. Zogg spent 18 years with Rockwell Collins developing next generation communication systems. During this time, he led system concept development and prototype implementation for low probability of detection, anti-jam, weapons applications, airborne tactical communications, HF data, SATCOM, VHF data and ad hoc networking. In this role, he had the distinction of being named Rockwell Collins Corporate Engineer of the Year and later Rockwell Collins Inventor of the Year. His innovations have led to 24 US patents.

Mr. Zogg holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of North Dakota and an MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Iowa.