Privacy and Data Security

Cybersecurity and privacy go hand in glove. While good cybersecurity does not guarantee privacy, it is a necessary building block of the privacy protection demanded by consumers and mandated by laws such as the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

“Broadly speaking, privacy is the right to be let alone, or freedom from interference or intrusion. Information privacy is the right to have some control over how your personal information is collected and used.” [i]

Privacy involves more than just cybersecurity and policies, but also includes ____________

Below, meet UCI’s privacy researchers, and a selection of research completed and underway, at UCI today.

[i] What is Privacy

Research Faculty​
Mohammad Al Faruque

Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

Paul Dourish

Chancellor's Professor of Informatics

Michael Goodrich

Chancellor's Professor of Computer Science

Alfred Kobsa

Professor of Informatics (Emeritus)

Scott Jordan

Professor of Computer Science

Zhou Li

Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

Athina Markopoulou

Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

Sharad Mehrotra
Sharad Mehrotra

Professor of Computer Science

Gene Tsudik
Gene Tsudik

Chancellor's Professor of Computer Science

Selected Research & Publications

Tyler KaczmarekErcan Ozturk, Gene Tsudik:
Assentication: User De-authentication and Lunchtime Attack Mitigation with Seated Posture Biometric. ACNS 2018: 616-633

Kiran S. BalaganiMauro ContiPaolo GastiMartin GeorgievTristan GurtlerDaniele LainCharissa MillerKendall MolasNikita SamarinEugen Saraci, Gene Tsudik, Lynn Wu:
SILK-TV: Secret Information Leakage from Keystroke Timing Videos. ESORICS (1) 2018: 263-280

Tyler KaczmarekErcan Ozturk, Gene Tsudik:
Thermanator: Thermal Residue-Based Post Factum Attacks On Keyboard Password Entry. CoRR abs/1806.10189 (2018)

Tatiana BradleyXuhua Ding, Gene Tsudik:
Genomic Security (Lest We Forget). IEEE Security & Privacy 15(5): 38-46(2017)

Belleville, H. Moon, J. Shin, D. Hwang, J.M. Nash, S. Jung, Y. Na, S. Volckaert, P. Larsen, Y. Paek, and M. Franz; Hardware Assisted Randomization of Data;” in 21st International Symposium on Research in Attacks, Intrusions, and Defenses (RAID 2018),Heraklion, Crete, Greece; September 2018. (33 papers accepted out of 145 submissions = 23%)

Cesar Ghali, Gene Tsudik, Christopher A. Wood:
(The Futility of) Data Privacy in Content-Centric Networking.WPES@CCS 2016: 143-152

Erman AydayEmiliano De CristofaroJean-Pierre Hubaux, Gene Tsudik:
Whole Genome Sequencing: Revolutionary Medicine or Privacy Nightmare? IEEE Computer 48(2): 58-66 (2015)

Alberto CompagnoMauro ContiPaolo GastiLuigi Vincenzo Mancini, Gene Tsudik:
Violating Consumer Anonymity: Geo-Locating Nodes in Named Data Networking. ACNS 2015: 243-262

Sharad Mehrotra, Alfred KobsaNalini VenkatasubramanianSiva Raj Rajagopalan:
TIPPERS: A privacy cognizant IoT environment. PerCom Workshops2016: 1-6

Primal PappachanMartin DegelingRoberto YusAnupam DasSruti BhagavatulaWilliam MelicherPardis Emami NaeiniShikun ZhangLujo BauerAlfred Kobsa, Sharad Mehrotra, Norman M. SadehNalini Venkatasubramanian:
Towards Privacy-Aware Smart Buildings: Capturing, Communicating, and Enforcing Privacy Policies and Preferences. ICDCS Workshops2017: 193-198

Anastasia Shuba, Athina Markopoulou:
AntWall: A System for Mobile Adblocking and Privacy Exposure Prevention. MobiHoc 2018: 320-321

Anastasia ShubaEvita Bakopoulou, Athina Markopoulou:
Privacy Leak Classification on Mobile Devices. SPAWC2018: 1-5

Anastasia ShubaEvita BakopoulouMilad Asgari MehrabadiHieu LeDavid R. Choffnes, Athina Markopoulou:
AntShield: On-Device Detection of Personal Information Exposure.CoRR abs/1803.01261 (2018)

Mamadou H. Diallo
Nisha PanwarRoberto Yus, Sharad Mehrotra:
Trustworthy Privacy Policy Translation in Untrusted IoT Environments. IoTBDS 2018: 132-143